Materials and Craftsmanship

When it comes to sourcing our materials, we work with suppliers who use ethical and responsible practises. We utilise recycled materials where possible, to reduce waste, toxicity and pollution and we're working towards sharing full visibility of every single one of our pieces.


We love the challenge of designing around the natural irregularities that come from freshwater pearls. Our most commonly used pearl is a baroque pearl, sourced from responsible cultivators based in Thailand, Japan and China. We opt to use freshwater rather than saltwater pearls to minimise wastage – freshwater oysters produce up to 50 pearls at one time, and often after extraction will then produce multiple pearls again. Some of our designs also utilise recycled pearls, giving a second life to existing materials. 


All of our jewellers and manufacturers will work with 100% recycled silver. Our commitment to working with recycled materials reduces waste, toxicity and utilises existing material rather than contributing to the consumption of earth’s valuable natural resources.


We only partner with stone suppliers who source conflict free gemstones. We are proud to be part of the emerging ethical gemstone movement, which is not only better for the workers but ethically supports small-scale mining communities. We ask to see full traceability and transparency from the mine, through to the cutting facility, to the market.


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