Kelly Geddes

with Poppy

The blouse originally belonged to grandmother and was passed down to my mum, my older sister, and eventually me.
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with Holly

My sister and I used to play with Mum's jewellery box as kids. It had a drawer that needed to be opened with a key. It was always overflowing, you had to pack everything away carefully so it would all fit back in.
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with Gabrielle

I think it’s important to wear the special pieces that one owns. No point keeping it packed away and hidden.
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with Carter

My mum and dad had the ring made for my 21st birthday. Some of the gold is from jewellery my mum had been passed down, and my Dad bought the opal when he was a similar age to me now.
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with Christelle Scifo

The shell has long been a signature shape for me, both in my personal life — a reoccurring symbol since I was a little girl, and in my work under Fleurette.
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with Alexa

Emeralds signify unconditional love, a reminder to keep my heart open.
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