with JS Brides

Introducing Jasmin Sparrow Bridal, treasured pieces for the most sentimental of moments. Celebrate love with our careful curation that will add something special to your big day.
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with Whitney & Harry

Crafted out of solid gold and pounamu inherited from his Koro, we worked with Harry to create a surprise engagement ring for his partner Whitney as part of our bespoke service. A taonga which will be passed through future generations — embodying connection, love and peace.
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with Becca

Becca Haeger is the founder of That Looks, an online boutique that offers edited capsule collections — playfully mixing independent designers from across the globe. Worn as a symbol of protection, her most treasured object is a ruby ring that was lovingly custom made in memory of her mum.
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with Tashji

A set of three gold rings with strong family ties rarely leave Tashjian Barklie’s hands, except for when she’s working at her own bench. As our first jeweller in New Zealand to assist with local production, Tashjian is a treasured part of the Jasmin Sparrow family – she expertly crafts pieces like the adored Mermaid Earrings and beyond. The Auckland-based goldsmith shares with us why this trio is where her love of jewellery all began…
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with Nakisha & Sabine

Twin sisters Nakisha and Sabine Jamieson share a tale from their hometown of Monto, Australia – it’s here on family land that they stumbled across two Agates… Worn as necklaces, they act as tokens of protection, guidance and the stories that so preciously weave their loved ones together.
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with Pia Laborde

Pía Laborde-Noguez — Actor, Founder of DOLORES, and Film Programmer at CASA Festival
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with Lotte & Lia-Belle

A sapphire ring, made especially for her by her father just before he passed away, has become the most treasured item in WORN store & Pour Petite’s co-founder Lia-Belle King’s world. Now a mother, Lia-Belle considers the concept of passing on and the true meaning of an heirloom piece.
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with Su

As someone who has a definite knack at sourcing out the most interesting items from Mexico's brawling vintage markets, we were excited to discover poet, curator and art critic Su Wu’s most precious item: a golden locket acquired during a trip to Myanmar with her best friend.
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with Mia

Byron Bay artist and designer Mia Taninaka’s most treasured piece is a silver & turquoise ring that was originally found by her mother at a market in Guatemala.
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with Tash

My son Taki has grown up at our table. He had his first taste of food there, and it's where we had our first family meals together.
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with Poppy

The blouse originally belonged to grandmother and was passed down to my mum, my older sister, and eventually me.
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with Holly

My sister and I used to play with Mum's jewellery box as kids. It had a drawer that needed to be opened with a key. It was always overflowing, you had to pack everything away carefully so it would all fit back in.
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with Gabrielle

I think it’s important to wear the special pieces that one owns. No point keeping it packed away and hidden.
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with Carter

My mum and dad had the ring made for my 21st birthday. Some of the gold is from jewellery my mum had been passed down, and my Dad bought the opal when he was a similar age to me now.
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with Christelle

The shell has long been a signature shape for me, both in my personal life — a reoccurring symbol since I was a little girl, and in my work under Fleurette.
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with Alexa

Emeralds signify unconditional love, a reminder to keep my heart open.
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